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Someone in Pantyland

August 4, 2006

Goddess Juliet RoseOne day, Little Someone fell down the rabbit hole and landed in Pantyland. When he looked around, he saw a beautiful garden, and in the middle of the garden stood a beautiful woman.

“Welcome to Pantyland, little princess,” said the beautiful woman. She smiled with delight. “My name is Mistress Juliet Rose, and I am going to train you to be a girly sissy.”

Suddenly Little Someone realized all his clothing was gone. He was scared and about to run away, but the beautiful woman grabbed him by the wrist and spun him around fifteen times. Then she tickled his naked body for fifteen minutes.

“Oh please stop!” gasped Little Someone.

“Only if you’ll be my girly sissy,” smiled Mistress Juliet, and spun him around fifteen more times.

“But I can’t be girly! I’m too macho!” protested Little Someone, which made Mistress Juliet laugh merrily. “Mistress, can you please help me find my pants? They must have fallen off when I fell down the rabbit hole.”

“Yes,” said Mistress Juliet with a mischievous grin. “Come here and lay down over my lap, and I will measure you for your new pants.”

Little Someone was so grateful to her, he didn’t think twice about obeying. He quickly laid himself down on Mistress Juliet’s lap and felt her warm palm press down on his naked back.

“Um … don’t you need a tape measure to do this, Mistress?” he glanced up at her innocently.

Mistress Juliet gave him a great big Cheshire Cat smile, and then gave him fifteen hard spanks with her princess paddle.

Little Someone kicked his legs helplessly and squirmed and hollered, much to Mistress’ enjoyment. Then she let him up and presented him with his new pants.

“But these are hot pink ruffled butt panties, Mistress!” objected Little Someone.

“Indeed they are,” agreed Mistress Juliet, with a twinkle in her eye. “Would you like to put them on now, or would you like to be tickled and twirled and spanked all day long?”

Little Someone thought about it for a little too long, and when Mistress stood up and took a step toward him, he decided to step into the panties. They were very silky on the inside, and the outside was covered with rows and rows of delicate pink lace ruffles.

“Now put on your hoopskirt and tiara,” Mistress Juliet ordered. “I want to introduce you to Mistress Taylor and Mistress Serenity Dawn and Mistress Tara. They are all very eager to spank you – I mean, meet you.”

And so Little Someone learned to love his life in Pantyland. The Mistresses taught him to be as feminine as possible, and Mistress Juliet supervised every detail of his sissy little life, from what mascara to buy, to the proper way to curtsey, to wiggling his ruffled butt for all the Mistress’ amusement.

And they all lived happily ever after.