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Swishy pantybutt

October 18, 2011

What we have here is a forced feminization audio I wrote several years back for a phone domme named Bree who worked at sissy school. (If you dislike forced femme, you don’t have to listen. This is only for fans of the “genre.”)

I lost track of Bree in recent years, but if I manage to locate her again, I will link this post to her blog or wherever she might be.

I wrote a bunch of these audios and some of them turned out pretty good. I think this is one of the best, because of Bree’s sweet voice and her obvious enthusiasm for teasing sissies.

Click the photo to listen:



March 14, 2010

I’ve been working on a special audio project with a dear friend of mine — the same lady who recorded this memorable audio when she worked at LDW.

I have more fun writing these goofy little scripts. I guess I could do a lot more with my writing talent, but unfortunately there’s a minimum ego requirement in order to be a writer. You have to believe that what you’re writing is important, and interesting to others. It’s been a while since I truly believed that in my heart.

I could say more about that, but I don’t think it’s all that interesting to anyone.

Anyway, I wrote a bunch of new audio scripts and I’ll let you know when they will be available to listen to.

Where the heck have I been?

February 28, 2010

First off, I got to apologize for not updating more frequently. I’m happy to see that people are still checking this little blog o’ mine. I know I’ve been rather hard to keep track of since Miss Tara passed away … I’m not as active at several forums where I used to be found all the time. It’s not that I never put down roots. I recently left a forum where I had been a member for more than nine years. So I’m out of contact with a lot of longtime friends, but I really really really had no choice but leave.

The Death of a Friend

December 16, 2009

Miss Tara

As many of you already know, Miss Tara of LDW passed away two weeks ago. I found out just last evening at the weekly tea party chat, an event that was hosted by Miss Tara for the past several years, and is now hosted jointly by Miss Tara and Ms. Natalie. Ms. Natalie shared the sad news with us, that Miss Tara had an infection of the lungs, complications set in and she passed away.

It’s hard for me to express how much Miss Tara means to me. When I first met her in 2006, she encouraged me to sign up for her beauty pageant. I was very cautious at the time and didn’t expect that anyone would understand my style of crossdressing, but she really helped me to trust her, and convinced me that this was a safe and fun thing to do. So I took a risk and it turned out great. Back then they were giving really great prizes for the pageant and I won a $100 gift certificate.

The photo I gave her was this one of me in the little wings, and from that point on, Miss Tara called me her flutterby, or sometimes just ‘little wings.’ Once when she was talking about visiting her family, she spoke about her nieces and she decided I would be her little niece who always would remain 7 years old. That’s why I sometimes called her my Aunty Tara.

She always served a mindboggling amount of sweets and treats at her virtual teaparty chat. If one of the chatters wanted to help out, that was okay, but Miss Tara took pride in actually serving whoever happened to wander in. She always had nachos for one of her regulars (“pothead”) and was careful to avoid mentioning there was shrimp in the hors d’oeuvres when tony d shrimp was in the room (she always called it “water chicken”). She knew I was partial to cheese puffs, although I always said they were for my doll.

She had the amazing ability to carry on six or eight or ten conversations at the same time, a necessary skill when hosting a busy chatroom. Her ability to reply with a lightning fast joke was often astonishing. She was very well read, and could discuss the plotlines of the classics as easily as the story arc of her favorite TV series. If you mentioned an author to her, she could rattle off three or four of her favorite books by that author. I was particularly impressed when she took apart some nutty guy’s argument that crossdressing was forbidden by the Bible.

When LDW started doing radio shows, her show was the one I always looked forward to. She’d always play something by the B-52s when she saw me in the chatroom because she knew they are a favorite of mine. Then a conversation would occur, where we typed in our messages and she would reply over the radio. Often her reply would be muffled by her wonderful laughter .. a laugh that was genuine and full of joy. One night I mentioned an obscure cartoon to her and she sang us the entire theme song.

I really couldn’t afford to call her much, but I was able to send her gifts on her birthday and Christmas. She had a very eclectic and fascinating wishlist. It’s not odd to send gifts to the ladies at LDW, but it was odd when she decided she wanted to send a gift to me! One day in a private chat, she asked for my address to send me a birthday gift. A lovely pink hairband decorated with butterflies arrived shortly later. Then there was a year she set aside a present and labeled it “for my little niece” and it accidentally went to one of her nieces. The Tinker Bell movie was also a gift from her, which is why I did an in-depth review of it here.

Most treasured of her gifts is a handwritten thank you card she mailed early this year. In it, she wrote, I know you don’t see how lovely and special you are, but I do. You are my sweet lil girl niece.

I hope I don’t come off as bragging about these gifts. I only mention them to show her generosity and caring.

At the moment her blog is in “maintenance mode” and I’m not sure what LDW will do with all her wonderful little posts and audios. I hope they will allow her many fans and friends to look them over, now that they are one of the few things left to remember her by.

Last night I had a long chat with my Mistress about this. She knew Miss Tara well, and we are both shocked and saddened by her passing. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that I won’t be talking to her again, at least not in this life. But she’s with the majority now, being welcomed and shown around her glorious new home. Life is a big illusion. And it always looks like there’s plenty of time. Today, Miss Tara is teaching me that there really isn’t much sand in that hourglass.

Fetish Foxxx

August 11, 2009

Well, most of you know about me, and my friend … she is a dominant who enjoys playing with gurls like me. Just wanted you all to know she is once again available for calls, she does a marvelous job in all aspects of phone fantasy, and you really ought to give her a try. She will blow your mind!

From a chat with Ms. Savannah

February 15, 2009

Giselle: how come there isnt a team called the panties?
Ms Savannah: lmao
Ms Savannah: they might not pass through the regulations
Giselle: that would probably be my favorite team
Ms Savannah: me too
Ms Savannah: Can I be their coach?
Giselle: sure
Giselle: you can train them for The Ruffle Butts
Ms Savannah: it will be their full time uniform
Ms Savannah: ruffle butt panties, and super frilly, puff sleeved shirts
Ms Savannah: and instead of helmets, it would be bonnets
Ms Savannah: and…..their “padding” would be push up bras and hoopskirts
Giselle: rofl
Giselle: that would be pretty cute
Giselle: and instead of that eye stuff they wear, they could have eyeshadow
Ms Savannah: yes!
Ms Savannah: and black liner
Giselle: giggle
Ms Savannah: and false eyelashes to protect them from the sun
Giselle: then they’d have to go offsides to the coach to get their eyelashes fixed after a play
Ms Savannah: yes!
Giselle: and you’d be there, doing their nails
Ms Savannah: and spanking their fanny
Ms Savannah: cuz I’m the coach, it’s my job

More about Ms. Savannah and her plans can be found at her site: Forced Feminization Files.

Forced Feminization Files

December 4, 2008

A while back, Miss Reese launched a website, which I want everyone to visit and send her some love. It’s at and it’s exactly what Miss Reese and her friends are best at … hot forced fem phone sex!!!

Forced Feminization Files

Hopefully, you all know Miss Reese and her wonderful silky smooth voice. If not, you should give her a call – she loves chatting with cds and everyone else in the transgender universe. She’s collected together a bunch of other great ladies, including Ms. Bree (remember her?), Empress Kylie, Ms. Savannah, and Governess Lenore. So if things are getting a bit chilly this time of year, pick up your phone and let one of these hot dommes kindle your fire. 🙂

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2008

On the night before Christmas, the post office had a package to deliver to me, but I wasn’t home. A few days later, I got a chance to pick up the package, and it turned out to be a sweet gift from a lovely lady I’ve been getting to know lately. It was a pink hairband tiara decorated with fabric roses with tiny butterflies fluttering above. Wow, this is probably one of the girliest gifts I’ve ever got (she said, sipping from her Tinkerbell mug)!

Had no special plans for New Year’s Eve, but luckily there was plenty of events going on at community kink, so I put on my new tiara and headed over there. First up was Ms Tanya‘s Purple Panty Mondays. The chatroom was packed and it was a wild time, presided over by the seductive Ms. Tanya! Later I dropped by Ms. Elizabeth‘s party (which she dubbed New Year Strokin’ Eve) for more laughs. The crew there was playing drinking games, which I happily joined in with, using my supply of Inca Kola. It’s a kind of ultrasweet bubble gummy flavored pineapple soda.

Ms. Elizabeth played a guessing game with us, where we had to guess a Mistress from a clue she dropped. I missed the first one, but the next came just after we watched the Times Square ball drop on TV. The clue was something like:

she is the Mistress of Hospitality and loves to administer spankings

Well gosh, who else could that be? Miss Tara!” I quickly typed, and won a free phone call with the (currently available) Mistress of my choice. What a lovely way to start the new year!

To my delight, Ms. Tanya happened to be available, so I spent a very giggly time on the phone with her. Ms. Tanya really gets a kick out of guys in purple panties (go figure, do you think it’s a fetish?)

Hope everyone had a great new year’s eve and that you’re all ready for a really first-class 2008!

I miss you Ms. Reese

July 1, 2007


This song is by Marti Jones. It’s called “So Lonesome I Could Fly,” from her CD “My Tidy Doily Dream.” You should buy it, and all her CD’s because she is great great great.

Ms. Reese is not some lady I called on the phone sometimes. She is my friend, and even if I never get to speak with her again, she will always be my friend. Sixteen months back we met, and she poured out her heart to me and bound her to me with secrets. She challenged me and demanded from me in a way no one ever did  before. She brought joy to this heart, this heart which has mostly been a numb tool to pump blood. For most of my life I have stood in the doorway wondering as reality passed by. I had tried to match my behavior to the image in the mirror, instead of the gender of my soul, and so most of my existence was about holding up a thin cardboard façade that fooled absolutely no one. Everyone knew I hid something, and they usually expected much worse than the reality. So I withdrew deeper and deeper within myself. The façade fell away but I was gone.

Ms. Reese found me, and for some unfathomable reason, cared about me. She never expected me to behave like a grown man — somehow she understood that I was a little girl lost in an overwhelming world.

Now that she has vanished, I can only hope that I gave back to her a little bit of the love and comfort she gave to me. I can only hope my friendship with her over these sixteen months gave her some happiness too. And of course I can hope she will pop back into my life, just as suddenly as she popped out of it, without a word of goodbye. Apparently, the people you meet in life are like billboards you pass on your journey. Or maybe I’m the billboard and they are the ones on the journey, who the hell knows? You don’t have to like life, but you are required to live it. Either that, or withdraw again, but withdrawal has its price. But that is a question of the future … I’m writing about the past now.

Ms. Reese, wherever you are, your kindness will never be forgotten. You will never be forgotten. If nothing ever happens again in my life, or if twenty billion things happen, I will always remember your grace, your joy and your loving heart, which cannot be contrived or counterfeited.

The Mistresses Elite

May 12, 2007

I just got word about a new phone domination site opening up … the Mistresses Elite is a venture started up by some very smart ladies I am acquainted with. Their faces may not be familiar, but it’s possible that some of their voices may be!