Strut that *ss!

Okay, sorry, but this post was inevitable. It is conceivable that some of you haven’t seen this video, and I have no right to deprive you of its contents. The year is 1995, and somewhere in Huntsville, a random guy shows up and starts arguing with a TV reporter:

I think he’s angry about not having a car. But that can’t be it, because he’s all ready to walk to a town 38 miles away. Why don’t you walk to Gunnerville? What’s he’s really angry about is, other people aren’t tired! In fact they have so much energy they strut their ass! And, um, apparently, that’s a chauvinistic pig attitude that Clinton’s got. Either that, or the guy is just not coloring with all 64 crayons.

Then, the brilliant Gregory Brothers turned this crazy rant into a surprisingly catchy song:

What next? The Disney version of course:


2 Responses to “Strut that *ss!”

  1. Auntie Gwen Says:

    Ok, you are something of an acquired taste…but way funny! “Tres Droll” as we say, down the shore, in Joisey. Keep up the fun stuff !

    BTW, I was very interested that you write/wrote scripts for phone sex Domina’s. It makes sense actually….fantasy is so personal, to exploit it, you would need help from someone of that genre if it were not your thing. Like a marketing consultant… hmmmm. 😉

  2. little giselle Says:

    Hi, dear sweet Auntie Gwen! Yes, I have written a few scripts for phonesex dominas, they often will post some audio tracks on their web page as a free sample of what they sound like. I’ve been bashing one script idea around this week, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get it into shape … I tend to juggle too many projects at once and then they all go flying off into the inertia of deep space. Or I get lazy. LOL. Great hearing from you.

    Everyone, go visit Gwen’s site at for some “tres droll” forced femme stories and piccies!

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