A comment about comments

I used to get a lot more comments here but now the comments box has been “improved,” making it look like you need to log-in or give me your email address just to say something. Let me explain, I’ve had this blog for years and I’ve never collected anyone’s email addy. If you want to say something here, just say it! Unless it’s awful, I won’t delete it.

Here’s a brief tutorial on commenting. (Yes, I admit it’s ridiculous to need to do this, but here we go.) This is what you’ll see when you click the comment link:

Boeing cockpit much? Yeah. Kind of looks like you’re creating your own blog, huh? Okay, always remember this little secret: you need to learn what to ignore.

Yup, just like dealing with a talkative three year old, or a government bureaucrat. I colored over the parts to ignore with my little pink crayon. Observe:

And you know what? You don’t even have to use your real name.

I know people are naturally shy about some of the topics I cover, but I also know that there are visitors here, a bunch every day, so if you want to jump in and say something, just know I’ve done all I can to make that happen. Hugs.


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