Locked in Lace: part 1 of 5,276

I joined the Locked in Lace forum this week and began my first roleplay thread. I wasn’t sure how it would go, I never did much in the way of roleplay and many forums out there have been become creepy, cliquish and/or spamtastic. I was very pleased to see that LiL is well maintained and has a very friendly longstanding core membership.

There appears to be two main games at LiL — the Lacy Place and the M&R Corporation. I haven’t explored M&R yet, but Lacy Place is a hoot.


The concept at the Lacy Place is simple: create a male character, then watch helplessly as he is turned into a girl. If this sounds like fun to you (you perv!), then go check it out. I started with a rather egotistical french character named Gaston, who quickly crossed paths with a Parisian temptress hellbent on Gaston’s utter feminization, teasing him with very high-end cosmetics and forcing him to carry her Louis Vuitton designer purse.

Like many forums catering to gurls like me, LiL is a community site run by volunteers. Unlike many forums, it’s not overrun with 911 conspiracy trolls, athiests who want to disprove the Bible, community organizers, and other killjoy maniacs. A very nice gurl named Glenda invited me to post a link to my pretty pink pavillion, and this has resulted in a nice influx of new visitors (*waves happily to new visitors, and gives everyone a complimentary sugar cookie*).

In summary, I am having fun there, and for a grouch like me, that is saying quite a lot.

2 Responses to “Locked in Lace: part 1 of 5,276”

  1. Penny Naome Says:

    Hello Giselle,

    The M & R Corporation site is very similar, if a little more formalised. Once the evil corporation has tricked you into signing a slave contract, trapped you and feminised you, you have to work for them. There are four departments to work in: secretaries (whp provide executive relief in the Offices), French maids (providing room service in the Hotel), schoolgirls (training to be the perfect wives in the Academy) and slaves (S & M sex toys in the Dungeon). While you nominally belong to one in which you get trained, you can post in any of the forums as well as the communal areas like the Mall or the Clinic. Some players take the part of dominant characters – managers and clients – and really it all works because of them. Many players have multiple characters to explore deeply what they want to experience.

    I’ve been posting there for years, and it has some great players and wonderful people there. You are absolutely right, there are very few nuts there (well, unless you count people who fantasise about being men turned into feminised/female sex slaves, in which case we’re ALL barking mad) and everyone is very tolerant and accommodating. The general rule is, if you do not agree with what is going on in a thread, and it isn’t breaking the site rules, just leave.

    Anyhow, thanks for giving us a mention, and I hope you enjoy your play on the site!

    Love & Hugs

  2. little giselle Says:

    Penny, thanks for dropping in and sharing your thoughts! I have heard that M&R is similar to TLP in many ways, and that TLP is somewhat more of a freeform environment. I’m not sure why I went for TLP over M&R, maybe I just liked the casino concept a bit more appealing, but it wasn’t something I spent much time considering. One of these days I’ll take a closer look at M&R. Thanks again for visiting me.

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