Welcome, LIL folk

Welcome to all new visitors from Locked In Lace ! I hope you will loiter here. Please read my stories, look at my photos and comment if you want to. And please come back any time, the door is always open to you.


3 Responses to “Welcome, LIL folk”

  1. Akane Naome Says:

    Hello and thanks! I hope you get a great experience at LIL.
    Big hug and best of luck always!

  2. little giselle Says:

    Thank you kindly, Akane 🙂 *hugs you too*

    I wonder if you are the same Akane Saotome who has posted so many helpful things for newcomers at Lacy Place? If so, I must thank you for explaining about the different jobs, that was very helpful and the pictures were very cute! You have done a lot to make new girls feel welcome and I am sorry to hear you will be retiring from the forum. I wish you the best wherever you go.

    • Akane Naome Says:

      Yeap! I write that Akane as well! (giggles) however, my main character is the •evil• headmistress of the Lily Academy at the M&R forum. Hope to see you there some day!
      And thanks! I had a great fun making the images for the jobs at Lacy.
      Have fun and big smile!

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