Finally in print

It took me forever to finish this, but my first novel is now available for purchase in a dizzying array of ebook formats including kindle .mobi, pdf, epub, rtf and etc.

The cover photo is by my lil sister, Kita Sparkles.

If this project is well-received I’ll probably write more in this style. I think it’s a really fun story and lots of my friends would really like it. Thing is, I’ve been working on it so long that I’m not in touch with any friends any more.

Anyway, the story is about a romance between a crossdressing boy and a really fun and smart girl (the kind of girl I always thought I’d eventally meet, but that’s another story, or actually it’s not). It’s mostly a comedy but there are some real problems and issues that Clarence needs to deal with in the course of his adventures with Melody. But mostly, it’s just every crazy off-the-wall situation I could dream up, some very funny and memorable characters and the kind of dialog that you’ve all come to expect from a nut like me.

A little free excerpt to whet your appetite:

“Now just a little cold cream,” Harriet approached him with the open jar.
“Nooo– nobody else had to wear that!”
Harriet shushed him and applied a layer of white cream to his face. “Don’t worry about everyone else. This is your night, Melody … I want it to be extra special. A girl’s first slumber party is a big milestone in her life.”
“I’m not really a girl,” pouted Clarence as she coated his face with the white cream.
“Yes you are. Don’t tell lies. You’re really a girl. Really really really really a girl,” she cooed.
“I’m not, I’m not!”
Harriet gave him a look. “Close your eyes,” she instructed.
He obeyed without thinking.
“Now think … you go to charm school. You work in a beauty salon. Miss Reese uses all kinds of cosmetics on you. You wear a bra and panties every day. You jumped rope in the playground. You shaved your legs and now you’re at your first slumber party. Does that sound like a macho man?”
“Umm …”
“It’s a rhetorical question, cutie. You don’t have to answer.”
Clarence kept his eyes shut and enjoyed the feel of her soft hands massaging the fragrant cream into his forehead, his cheeks, his neck. It almost felt like he was made of clay, soft clay that Harriet could mold into whatever shape she pleased.
An image formed in his mind’s eye. An neglected little girl, stained with cinders, hiding in the shadows, is suddenly discovered by her fairy godmother. The fairy smiles and waves her magic wand, and the girl is surrounded by a wave of sparkly magical energy. The sparkles blossom and the girl is transformed into a beautiful princess in a breathtaking satin ballgown.
Clarence shivered. If Harriet wanted him to be a girl, and treated him like a girl, and made him behave like a girl, was he still a boy? And if Miss Tara taught him to act like a girl, and Miss Reese made him pretty as a girl, and Fern and Betty and Ruby made him feel like a girl, how could he possibly be a boy?
And if he wasn’t a boy, what was he?
But there was no time to ponder such deep questions. The party had begun. With his eyes shut he could imagine the girl who was eagerly leading him by the hand was really a girl named Melody.


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