It’s been less than two weeks since I found out about Miss Tara’s death. Today a fairy showed up on my doorstep.
She stands about 15 inches high. She’s big! She has a kind of a morning glory hat and a magic wand with a butterfly attached. Miss Viv told me that the fairy was the prize for a little game they were playing when they got together in Las Vegas. Miss Tara won the prize, but she said she wanted me to have it. So last week Miss Viv boxed it up and mailed it to me.

I think I will call the fairy Flutterby, because that was one of Miss Tara’s names for me and I really can’t imagine anyone else ever calling me that. Miss Tara understood me on a level that most people in my life barely imagine. No wonder I don’t want to spend any time with them.

She’s got a cute face too. See?


One Response to “Flutterby”

  1. Ms Trish Says:

    Sweet Darling Giselle,
    Flutterby looks almost as adorable as you do. I know my wonderful friend is smiling down and happy that you have her. I think the two of you kind of look alike 🙂 Stay sweet and take care of Flutterby, talk to her when you are feeling down, I am sure you will hear a specail voice or a familuar sound of laughter when you do.
    Ms Trish

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