Many A New Day

Well, it seems like every ten or fifteen years my heart gets put thru the meat grinder again.

But I’m still alive. Each day is a victory.

“I’ll snap my fingers to show I don’t care
I’ll find me a brand new dress to wear
I’ll scrub my neck and I’ll brush my hair
And start all over again”


5 Responses to “Many A New Day”

  1. SissyBee Says:

    Aww Giselle sweetie <> Remember there are LOTS of people who care about you!

  2. SissyBee Says:

    That was a BIGG HUGG in those ‘s

  3. jemmie Says:

    Hey there Lil’ Flutterby!

    Hang in there girlfriend! That dumb ol’ meatgrinder isn’t built strong enough to grind up that big heart of yours!

    You are an inspiration to me you know. I hope things turn around soon for you, and I’ll be thinking good thoughts for ya!


  4. tee Says:

    hi Giselle, there are lots of people who care about you. You gotta know you are the kindest and nicest thing on the whole internet. Everyone you’ve touched thinks good thoughts about you. All the best for you always

  5. little giselle Says:

    Thanks, jem, tee and Bee for your kind comments. There is, of course, a difference between a romantic relationship and “people who care” but I’m trying to be grateful for what friendships I’ve got. I do know there are a lot of people with even less.

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