From a chat with Ms. Savannah

Giselle: how come there isnt a team called the panties?
Ms Savannah: lmao
Ms Savannah: they might not pass through the regulations
Giselle: that would probably be my favorite team
Ms Savannah: me too
Ms Savannah: Can I be their coach?
Giselle: sure
Giselle: you can train them for The Ruffle Butts
Ms Savannah: it will be their full time uniform
Ms Savannah: ruffle butt panties, and super frilly, puff sleeved shirts
Ms Savannah: and instead of helmets, it would be bonnets
Ms Savannah: and…..their “padding” would be push up bras and hoopskirts
Giselle: rofl
Giselle: that would be pretty cute
Giselle: and instead of that eye stuff they wear, they could have eyeshadow
Ms Savannah: yes!
Ms Savannah: and black liner
Giselle: giggle
Ms Savannah: and false eyelashes to protect them from the sun
Giselle: then they’d have to go offsides to the coach to get their eyelashes fixed after a play
Ms Savannah: yes!
Giselle: and you’d be there, doing their nails
Ms Savannah: and spanking their fanny
Ms Savannah: cuz I’m the coach, it’s my job

More about Ms. Savannah and her plans can be found at her site: Forced Feminization Files.


2 Responses to “From a chat with Ms. Savannah”

  1. Ms Savannah Says:

    I’m considering taking names now…..I think we could have two or three teams….would you like to be the Team Captain on The Panties, Sweet Giselle?

    Ms Savannah

  2. little giselle Says:

    If it would make you giggle, yes! 🙂

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