We’re sorry, this video is no longer available

The problem with putting videos on my blog is, eventually YouTube will just give you a black screen with the words “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” Okay, let’s ignore the fact that this message is entirely machine generated and machines don’t experience sorrow, but I know you will, once you click on the link and get that message.

I do too, ’cause first off I wonder how many months this stupid thing has been sitting here on my blog flashing everyone that dumb message about phony machine generated sorrow instead of serving up a nice lil movie like it’s sposeta.

Anyway, I spent a little time tidying up around here, and (with possible exception of the Cyndi Lauper video) all of ’em should be working now. The busted ones have been flagged as “private” so if by some miracle they start working again, I’ll be able to restore them easily.

Unfortunately, any brilliant comments and observations you may have made on these videos have to be spirited away too, which is the saddest cut of all. Dang it, I love it when people comment, and now I’m caught in a situation where I have to put them away where no one sees ’em.

In future, I guess I ought to download any videos to my hard drive and if they vanish from YouTube, upload ’em there again. Wish I thought of that before they deleted that great old Dippity Doo commercial, that one was a gem.



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