What I’ve been up to for the past 11 months

Wow … was it that long since I’ve updated this bloggie? Apologies to anyone who’s been revisiting and looking here for updates. I haven’t been all that busy … really I think the word is lazy.

I did lose a LOT of weight this year which I’m very proud of. I went from something in the neighborhood of 210 down to 165, then bounced back a few pounds and I’m trying to get back to 165 again, pound by pound. Losing weight is easy if you:

  • write down everything you eat in a journal
  • read ingredients labels on everything
  • weigh and measure everything before eating
  • educate yourself on the basics of nutrition – like what protein does in your body, what cholesterol does, the different kinds of fats
  • start a schedule of regular exercise
  • join a group of people who are focused on losing weight, i.e. sparkpeople (google ’em).

Okay, that is not exactly easy, but it is possible for anyone to do. Even if you have serious emotional issues with food (which, thankfully I don’t), you can do this if you set your mind to it.

I didn’t get to go to camp this year but I did get to visit my friend Krissi in Boston on the fourth of July weekend. We went whale watching and later saw lots of fireworks from the boat. It was extremely fun.

I did other stuff too. I guess it would take another 11 months to fully catch you up on the past 11 months, but then you’d still be 11 months behind, so maybe it’s not all that important. Anyway, I promise to post again soon … like in less than an hour.


2 Responses to “What I’ve been up to for the past 11 months”

  1. Miss Tara Says:

    Little Wings!! You’re posting again!! YAY!! I have often visited the pink pavillion and been sad to see that my little niece is still away. It’s wonderful to have your girlish delightful postings again!!

    Miss Tara

  2. little giselle Says:

    (curtseys) I’m glad you’re here, Aunty Tara šŸ™‚

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