Panties vs Dictatorship!

I assume we are all aware of the crackdown on the people of Burma (Myanmar). The military have been running the country for decades, and the people there are making a brave stand to claim their natural rights, endowed by their Creator on all humanity. (If not, please pick up a newspaper sometime, or go to a news website – it’s important!)

Ladies, you must read this:

From “The Irrawaddy,” a blog specializing in news of Burma and Southeast Asia.

The “Panties for Peace” campaign aimed at Burma’s military regime is gaining momentum, with the establishment of a committee to drum up support in Thailand.

The campaign began on October 16, with women throughout the world sending packages to Burmese embassies containing panties. Burma’s superstitious generals, particularly junta chief Than Shwe, believe that contact with any item of women’s wear deprives them of their power.

The article continues here.

I’m wondering if crossdresser’s panties will work? Does the magical energy-sapping power of women’s undies somehow get negated if a guy has tried em on? Or are panties panties?

Anyway, didn’t want to make this out to be a joke … if panties can topple this dictatorship, I say it’s time to rummage your drawers and send the junta your best!

I found this list of Burmese embassies.

The embassies in the US:

Permanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar to the United Nations
10 East 77 Street
New York NY 10021


2300 S St. N.W.


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