Grace under pressure

Picture this: you’re 22, you’re competing for the title of Miss Universe, and people are treating you like this (take special note of the two gallant males in this video):

God bless you, Rachel Smith, you’ve got more class than anyone in the room.


7 Responses to “Grace under pressure”

  1. Victoriah Nichole Little Says:

    Apparently I missed something about that video? Could someone point out to me what we are supposed to notice?

  2. little giselle Says:

    They are booing and heckling her, from the beginning of the video to the end.

  3. Miss Tara Says:

    I hate to break this to you, my sweet little fairy friend. But there are men in this world who SUCK! Sometimes they even harass TEA PARTIES! Fortunately, there are also a lot of men who are natural gentlemen, and they have a tendancy to be remembered a lot longer for much sweeter reasons:)

  4. Victoriah Nichole Little Says:

    Erm – the Mexican audience who booed her were actually mostly women… not men. It had a lot more to do with politics then anything else.

  5. little giselle Says:

    Vickie, I was referring to the guy onstage and the guy asking the question. I don’t think Miss Tara was referring to the audience in Mexico City either, but to guys she has encountered personally. There have been a few very rude guys harassing her recently at her wonderful little tea party chats.

  6. Leslie Ann Says:

    Are you aware that the movie video doesn’t play anymore … ?

  7. little giselle Says:

    Thanks for telling me – I found another copy of the video, picture quality is not as good and it’s out of sync a little, but at least it plays.

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