Ms. Stephanie’s Book Club


This month, Ms. Stephanie’s book club will be discussing Ghost House by Clare McNally. I started in on it, it’s a pretty scary little novel about a haunted house. Please drop in if you want to discuss it with us.

The book club meets every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern in the chatroom at Sissy Junction.


2 Responses to “Ms. Stephanie’s Book Club”

  1. tee Says:

    Hi Giselle, I hope you are well. I love your blog, i enjoy looking through your older posts (I hope you don’t mind, it feels a bit like snooping to me). You are a gifted writer, a gifted person I think. I’ve discovered that there are people in this world who just make the place better because they are there. I’m pretty sure you are one of those people. No, I’m positive you are one of those people. Lord knows you made my world better. But your blog, it is truly a wonderful place to come and visit. It’s always open, always friendly and caring, and the memories that come welling up. This post takes me to a special time in my life, a time when i met someone very remarkable. This is a warm place, a wonderful house you have built Giselle.
    thank you for keeping your door open and letting us visit.

  2. little giselle Says:

    tee, you are so sweet! I really ought to update more often, so you’ll have some fresh content to enjoy. I wrote a little something here today .. I’ll try to keep things more current. No, it’s not snooping at all, at least I don’t see it that way. I’m very happy when people visit here and read.

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