“Don’t be so negative.”

On a day when I usually ponder over New Year’s resolutions, I’m reminded of these words, which I constantly heard in my childhood. It’s true, I do have more than a little of the ghost of despair residing in my soul. It’s always been a part of my nature and maybe it always will be. So, while I’m tempted to make a resolution to not be so negative in 2007, I also wonder if I might be tilting at windmills again, or to use a pop psychology phrase “setting yourself up for failure.”

Are all New Year’s resolutions simply doomed to failure? Or am I being too negative again?

Maybe it’s better to think of anticipations instead of resolutions. Think that 2007 will be the year I shed twenty pounds and keep them off for good. Or it will be the year I let go of all the junk I’ve accumulated in my closets. Caterpillars do eventually burst out of their dead old cocoons.

Last night I was grooving to a great old song by Robyn Hitchcock called “I Am Not Me.” Like a lot of his stuff, it’s simultaneously absurd and profound.

When I take you
Into the chamber of the sun and then
You take me ’cause it’s a deal,
I say, “Caroline,
No need to be so naked
We’ve been introduced”
You say, “I’m not so sure.
I am not me.”

Maybe we should have a label on all mirrors that say Warning: This is a cocoon. You are not you.

Might save a lot of unnecessary unhappiness.


One Response to “Anticipations”

  1. jem Says:

    Giselle… the only resolution I would suggest would be for you to keep being the sweet little giselle that I was lucky enough to get to know.

    Happy New Year!


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