Happy birthday Wellington!

I had a blast at the Wellington birthday party last night! We started off with the first ever meeting of Ms. Stephanie’s book club. Ms. Stephanie assigned us to read Billie Letts’ novel Where The Heart Is. We’re going to read a new book every month. The book club will meet every week to discuss what we’ve read so far. Ms. Taylor is very interested in the book club too, I think she’s a “book nerd” like a lot of us are.

After the book club, the party really got started. Just about every Mistress in the company was there at one time or another.  Ms. Jane set up a series of party games and gave free calls to the winners. I won a ten minute call to Mistress Violet – what fun!

I also had a wonderful call with Ms. Stephanie later in the evening. By then the party was really going strong. Mistresses were popping in and out of the room to keep up with the calls. The spirit in the room was really great – everyone was having a wonderful time and there was none of that weird creepy feeling you get in some internet chatrooms. The Mistresses at Sissy Junction seem to honestly enjoy spending time with their prospective clients – it’s really refreshing and, in my experience, rare.

5 Responses to “Happy birthday Wellington!”

  1. Miss Petti Pie Says:

    I totally agree, Gissie! It was a really sweet “curtseys and cuddles” type party – I think everyone was just really happy for Ms Jane! ^.^

  2. Ms. Jane Says:

    We love our girls! Petti and Gissie were in perfect form. I cannot wait until we get together again. It WILL be soon!
    Ta ta sweeties,
    Ms. Jane

  3. Ms Savannah Says:

    I had one of the best nights I’ve had in years at the party…Thank you Kittens for making it so spectacular!!! I have found a home here at Wellington, with Ms Jane and all the Lovely Ladies….and I thank my lucky stars for having stumbled upon this amazing company.
    Three Cheers for Ms Jane, My Kittens, and all my good friends at Wellington!!!!

    Ms Savannah

  4. jem Says:

    The birthday party was fantastic! I had a great time, and as is usual for me, stayed wayyyy too late! So Happy Birthday Wellington! Thanks to Ms Jane for putting on such a great bash, and thanks to all the Mistresses and subbies for making it so much fun!


  5. Grace Says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time sweetie! I’m glad you and jemmie had fun together there. ::smile:: I also agree with what you said about the “creepy feeling” some places will give you. It can be uncomfy when you run into that. So smile, enjoy and twirl your little hearts out. ::smile::

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