Makeup Chat returns!

I’ve updated my list of Chat Events, and I plan to keep it current as the events continue to change. If you’ve already copied the schedule into your calendar, I’ve made it easy to see which events have been updated.

You guys must be interested in this chat event phenomenon, because I’m getting more hits than ever … 488 visitors yesterday!

Makeup Chat

Before any of these chat events existed, there was Ms. Reese and her makeup chat at Sissy School. Every Saturday evening, Ms. Reese would regale us with her expertise in “things cosmetic-y.” She always gave assignments and she always had a sympathetic ear for us clueless ones. When she left Sissy School I was very sad.

The great news is, makeup chat has reappeared at Sissy Junction. Ms. Savannah intends to continue in Ms. Reese’s tradition of smart and sassy advice. The new Makeup Chat will commence on Saturday October 7, and will be every Saturday at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

Ms. Savannah also mentioned something to me about her colleague Ms. Stephanie, who plans to start a book club for sissies. I’ll let you know all the details on this as it develops …


One Response to “Makeup Chat returns!”

  1. Ms Savannah Says:

    Thank you, Sweet Giselle…..I am so happy to be continuing MakeUp Chat…..It grew in popularity…and soon become so HUGE…I know we will be able to make this equally as fantastic!
    I also spoke with Ms Stephanie….and she wanted me to pass on that the book club will begin October 3rd, at 6pm sharp, in the Sissy Junction Chatroom…..She said this first meeting we will be finding out which book we are reading for the month….and the details about the club…I am so excited about it….and from what I hear, the book of the month is really something special!
    I hope to see you all there…please help us make this smashingly successful!!!

    Ms Savannah

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