Special chats

Ms Morgan and Ms Violet have just announced a series of new storytime chat events at the Sissy Junction chatroom. Wow, it seems like chat events have really come into vogue. I don’t think anyone’s put together a schedule of all the chat events at Sissy School and Sissy Junction, but here’s my list, I hope it’s complete.


6 Responses to “Special chats”

  1. Peaches Says:

    Oh pooh! No makeup chat?

    How are all the sissies going to survive?

  2. Princess Grace Says:

    Your such a busy little girl ::giggles:: Wish I could schedule like you do πŸ™‚

  3. little_miss_sunshine Says:

    Once again, the Pink Pavillion proves to be a valuable and fun resource. πŸ™‚

  4. little giselle Says:

    ohhhh … now I know who Peaches is! (giggles)

  5. jem Says:

    Hey there Giselle! (big hug!)

    Thanks so much for putting this stuff together in one place! Just a minor thingy here, but Princess Grace’s Tease Time usually begins at 10 Eastern instead of 11. Wouldn’t want anybody to be late and miss out!


  6. little giselle Says:

    Thanks jem … there are already changes to the schedule, including a new makeup chat … I’ll update it as I go.

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