Pushy subs

Last night I was having a nice chat with my friend Jemmie when someone entered the chatroom and starting asking for an assignment. We explained that we were just gurls, not Mistresses. I know some sissies like to switch and dom each other, but I’m not one of those. I leave the assignments to the professionals. I encouraged this girl to phone one of the Mistresses on the site we were at, but that was not good enough for her. When she kept pushing for an assignment, I assigned her to call a Mistress and ask for an assignment. She gave some kind of creepy reply and left.

Is it possible for the same person to be a sub and be pushy? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. I have met many of these types in sissy chatrooms. If a Mistress is there, they will try to occupy all her attention, often annoying her and souring the experience for everyone there. If there is no Mistress, the pushy sub will try to find a cybersex partner, frequently announcing how bored they are if anyone wants to discuss a nonsexual topic.

This is why the good Lord installed an Ignore button in chatrooms. I no longer have the slightest hesitation to use this when someone is annoying me. It’s one of the secrets to keeping my sunshiney disposition. 🙂


3 Responses to “Pushy subs”

  1. jem Says:

    Well said giselle! I was in the chatroom again earlier today when that same individual came in. She obviously remembered me and didn’t say a word to me, and so I was more than happy to return the favor. Too bad it has to be that way sometimes, but I guess you can’t have everything. Big hugs to you giselle!


  2. Princess Grace Says:

    This is a great post! Now you ask are they really sub….well the answer is yes…but no. As I am sure you know there are different levels of everything. But honestly a lot of these bratty subbies, longing for 100% of a Mistress’ attention in a chatroom, or if no Mistress, cybering a subbie boy or girlie…that is not subbie to Me. That is horny. Yes I am sure, some submissive under tones, but not willing to walk the walk, just wants to get off. It’s pure fantasy, very little reality. Which is why they think they can act that way.

    Ok Im done….that is My 2 cents. ::giggles::

  3. MistressTara Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, giselle:) The ignore button has saved my sweet gentle loving temper many times. (That and giving someone a good hard spanking!!) I want everyone to feel welcome in the chatrooms, and to not feel they HAVE to spend money to stay there. But if someone is demanding of my personal attention and doesn’t understand that some topics are for calls, not chatrooms…they might not be my cup of tea.

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