Searching for stories

Ever been to Fictionmania?

There’s a staggering amount of crossdressing and transformation stories on that site – but what’s even more staggering is the number of different ways to search through those thousands of stories.

You can search by author, title, date of posting, by age of characters in the story, by the names of the characters in the story, by file size, by keyword, by category, or by a dizzying amount of combinations of all these searches. For example, if you want a story in the category of femdom authoritarian, with keywords bondage and schoolgirl and an R rating, just go to the Grab Bag Multi Category/Keyword Search page, and their search engine will randomly serve up a maximum of six stories fitting your request. Looking for a story where the main character has a name beginning with the letter H and the title begins with the word The? Go to the Super Search page, and you’ll get 39 stories that fit your criteria.

Searching on Fictionmania is almost as much fun as reading the stories, and that’s fun. The more stories get added here, the more interesting and useful these search options become. Give it a try, and tell me what you think.


5 Responses to “Searching for stories”

  1. little_miss_sunshine Says:

    I’ve even posted a few stories there as Little Miss Vicky Kay – it really is a fun place.

  2. Peaches Says:

    “Storysite” has good stories, too! Miss Petti likes to read this one to me:

  3. SuzieInSatin Says:

    Fictionmainia,Storysite,and Literotica those are my 3 daily reads.If you can’t find CDing stories or related stories you aren’t looking.It is a shame that we have lost many great site over the last couple of years though Pink Gadiols,Alimo preacher Femdom ect..

  4. Victoriah Nichole Little Says:

    Erm – I have a few on my site – mine are LG (unless you want to run over and have a look at the AB/Diaper stories … I have plenty of those …

    LG Stories:
    AB Stories:

  5. AEP Says:


    […]Searching for stories « little giselle's pretty pink pavilion[…]…

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