Tomorrow is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

I wonder if anyone phones a Mistress and says, “Talk pirate to me”?

Nah, that’s too weird …


4 Responses to “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

  1. Ms Juliet Says:

    They don’t ask for that alot…..but they do ask to plunder our booty.

    Aye Matey,
    Ms Juliet

  2. Ms.Mandy Says:

    LOL~ to the above comment!

    Last night on Wife Swap, they had a family who lived with a pirattitude. It was pretty comical, kinda disturbing since no one swabbed the deck ever. It was complete chaos, they did not even pay their bills.

    Just imagine if there where sissy pirates! “Yawwrrr Captian me bra is chafing.” “Aye” says the Captian ” so take yer bra off and we’ll call ya Shiva Me Titties”


  3. little_miss_sunshine Says:

    as long as I could be the pretty little cabin boy, I’d be happy to be a pirate – arrrr sweetie, curtsey for me mateys aye.

  4. MistressTara Says:

    Hmm, that pretty little cabin boy ended up bent over the grog barrel in the last few pirate stories I read…of course, I wasn’t exactly reading Treasure Island. 😉

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