Jane’s Revenge

My boyfriend was going out with me and another girl at the same time, except, we each thought we were the only ones. Then, we ended up working at the same place and discovered his cheating. We set him up for a bet he lost and had to show up at a ladies party dressed as a woman with a girlish hair-do (he has quite long hair!). He did not know that me and my girlfriend were going to be there. At the right time, our girlfriends at the party surprised him with coconut cream pies in the face and hair! Then, the two of us came out of hiding to help shampoo his long hair with pie and hit him (now her!) with more pies.. sweet revenge!!!

Video here!

2 Responses to “Jane’s Revenge”

  1. G.I. Says:


  2. little giselle Says:

    Good point, GI 😉

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