February 26, 1993

WTC 1993

Fifteen floors up
A cup of yogurt in my hand, half eaten
A blast, a shaking
We looked out the big windows that stretch to the floor
The bridge swallowed in smoke
The lights were out
Someone said, we better go
In the hallway, the stair was already full of people and smoke in the air
That feeling
You want to go
I ran down past the elevators to another stair, mostly empty
Went down a few flights
Slowly it filled with people
Someone said calmly, there is too much smoke
We have to go back up
That feeling, as you turn around in a smoking skyscraper and walk up the steps
The stairwell doors lock from the inside
No where to go but up, with hundreds of other trapped people
Someone opened the door on a floor
And we all poured out, hundreds of us
And went into an office
I still had the yogurt in my hand
We looked out the windows into the plaza
Tourists looked up at us
The phones did not work
Someone thought to break a window
He tried hard, until someone talked him out of it
Someone had a cell phone, rare in those days
He called the fire department
They said they knew.
They said wait.

I left my yogurt on someone’s desk
We squatted on the floor, hundreds of us
As the smoke rose
We waited
I avoided crowding back with the others
I don’t know which floor I was on, or who I was with
I told a black lady about the volcano view I saw

Firemen came in after maybe an hour
A floor warden scolded them
We didn’t know the fire command station had been blown to bits by a bomb
We didn’t know we were on the front line of a war
They let us come down the steps
Every cop in the universe was in that lobby
Every ambulance, firetruck, police van outside the hotel
Broken glass all over the sidewalk outside
Cracking sounds
Glass falling
On me
A black lady cop grabbed me and pushed me against the wall
A few bits of broken glass on my head, no cuts
I was fine, a bit late for work
We laughed at the fools who thought they could bring down the towers
We caught them and threw them in prison
Case closed …

One Response to “February 26, 1993”

  1. Ms Juliet Says:

    Giselle My Love…..
    That was incredibly powerful….my heart goes out to you, and all those struck by this tragedy…you are in my thoughts and prayers, now, and always.

    With Love,
    Ms Juliet

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