A splendid, sumptuous, scrumptious tea

Tea PartyMiss Tara‘s first tea party yesterday was a delectable success! As anyone who has played with her (or been played with by her) knows, she has a genius for setting a scene …

MsTara> Now, ladies, imagine a large sunny room, the fireplace is filled with tiny twinking votive candles. The table is set with delicate pink and white china, and there are roses in vases and at each place setting.

Emma arrived in a french maid’s dress, and assisted in the pouring of tea for some of the guests, but Miss Tara did most of the serving herself. Mistress Jeni popped in for a bit, and the mysterious daisy and little lena put in an appearance. Lexi, lisa from London, sissy krissy, kittykat and a few others joined in the fun.

We feasted on scones and chocolate covered strawberries, and my doll Ramona regaled everyone with stories of her tea party with the Queen.

little_giselle: Ramona says, yesterday the Queen only had cheeseits and they were a bit soggy

Miss Tara will be hosting tea parties at the Sissy School chatroom every Friday evening at 6 pm Eastern time.


2 Responses to “A splendid, sumptuous, scrumptious tea”

  1. Daisy Says:

    I’m Bond……Daisy Bond….I just had to take a break from girlie world domination to attend the delightful Tea Party, hosted so exquisitely by the Lovely Ms Tara….and Little Leena, aka, “M”, was kind enough to join me…..what a time we had with all you adorable girls….I do hope to join you next week…..ta ta

    “the one that is the number 1 fan of the one with the little wings”

  2. MistressTara Says:

    Little winged one, I was delighted to have you at my Tea Party!! I thought we had a nice group of Girls, big and little, and of course, your sweet doll Ramona. I was especially pleased by the ladies that just wandered in and decided to play with us!! Your dress was lovely, so delicate and pretty, you fit in like a slightly bigger flower:)

    See you next week!!

    Miss Tara

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