It’s a sissy slumber party!

Sissy Junction Slumber Party

Ms. Savannah sent me this awesome graphic to publicize the grand opening of the Sissy Junction chatroom. They’re going to have a slumber party! I’ll sure be there … how about you?


5 Responses to “It’s a sissy slumber party!”

  1. Mistress Jane Says:

    Thank you lil Gissie for the mention! I will be at the party, as well. We plan to have one very fun girls night in, so bring lots of munchies, your best avacoda mask, your rollers, your polish, and your naughty panties!

    Mistress Jane Vanderkellen

  2. Peaches Says:

    hey, wait a minute . . . . . . that Ms Savannah sure does seem familiar . . . hmmmm, loves to do makeup . . . hmmmm, refers to herself as Miss Kitty . . . hmmmm, is so gorgeous that no one who ever sees her face can ever forget it – LOL – yep, I know someone who is going to be verrrrry glad to see her again. Hugggggs!

  3. Ms Savannah Says:

    Mmmmmmm….Thank you, Peaches….I do hope to “see” you again real soon! I’ve missed all my kittens terribly!!

    Kisses & Squwishes,
    Ms Savannah Kitty

  4. maxy Says:

    tehe! wow a real slumber party just for sissys? that has been a dream of mine since i was litttttle! I would just fanatasize about those green masks and nail polish and it would make me giddy! tehe! Thank you!!!!

  5. little giselle Says:

    Yeah, maxy … the site is defunct now, but we did have a few real (cyber) slumber parties there while it was active. It was fun.

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