Pink Sugar and Ginger

Mistress Savannah loves to play with me. About a week ago, she made me buy a special perfume she likes … it’s called Pink Sugar and you can get it at Sephora. They also have perfumed bubble bath “sugar cubes,” so I bought those too. It smells like spicy cotton candy – very girlish and yummy.

“You are to go strip,” Ms. Savannah told me, “And take a twenty minute bubble bath with the pink sugar. When you are done, you are to put on a little tank, and the leopard print ruffled panties, and open a vial of pink sugar, and dot your pulse points, plus everywhere in between. And I want you to have something yummy from a champagne glass *if you have one* during your bath. My precious prancing ruffled panty wearing princess!”

Right before I went to do her assignment, she told me to soak for twenty minutes, and use two sugar cubes in my bath!

I emerged from the bath smelling like a sugarplum fairy. I opened the pink sugar bottle and touched it to my wrists and inside elbows, behind my knees and by my neck. Then I dressed in the lingerie she specified and returned to send her an instant message.

“Do you have any Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies?” Mistress asked.

I told her I had Top Hat.

“I want you to put on your tutu, and your tiara. And you are to watch Top Hat, and dance with them.”

So last night I enjoyed a great old Fred and Ginger movie, and probably bothered the heck out of my downstairs neighbors. In fact, that’s how Fred meets Ginger in the movie … he’s tap dancing in the room above Ginger’s.

After the movie, I had a nice long chat with Mistress.

SHE: and now you have something to write about in your lovely blog
ME: (blushes)
ME: but then, everyone will know that you made me wear a tutu and perfume
SHE: big grin I know….ain’t it grand??
ME: (curtseys)
ME: I love it when you boss me around
SHE: *wags finger and giggles at you*
ME: Ginger had so many beautiful gowns
ME: in the end scene she had a gorgeous one with sequins
SHE: yes…did I show you the bumper sticker i found?
SHE: about ginger and fred
SHE: it’s on the northernsun site……”Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except she did it in heels and backwards”
ME: giggle
ME: I’ve seen that one
ME: and it’s true, she is very underrated
SHE: yes she was
ME: she was a very gifted actress too
SHE: when she danced I got all teary
SHE: *loves dancing as much as pancakes*
ME: oh I really cant dance my way out of a paper bag
SHE: but do you have fun dancing the way you do now?
ME: yes Maam
ME: 🙂
SHE: then who cares how well you dance?….just have fun doing it
SHE: I took lessons for years….and I had more fun getting out on the floor and acting like a plum fool
ME: giggle

Top Hat


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