With the new AOL, privacy’s a dream

Are you an AOL user? Did you know AOL just released 20 million web queries from their users ? Don’t worry, it’s only the kind of stuff you would type into a search box … things like YOUR NAME … or a drug you’re looking for … or any of the nutty search terms I’ve been laughing over in recent posts here. If you put those three searches together and put it in a text file and leave it out there on the internet for anyone to download, you get an idea of what AOL has just done to 650,000 of their customers.

My advice: short Time Warner and find yourself a new ISP.


2 Responses to “With the new AOL, privacy’s a dream”

  1. ty Says:

    A site where you can search this data is here:


  2. Araceli Hillock Says:

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