Swishy Pantybutt

Ms Bree

Did you know I write audio scripts? I think one of the best ones I’ve written (so far) is the one on Mistress Bree’s website, I Love Pantyboys. Just look for the link that says bree_swishypantybutt.

I got to warn you, though, you’re gonna fall in love with Ms. Bree’s sexy voice and her style of dominance … luckily you’ll find all her contact info on her website too.


One Response to “Swishy Pantybutt”

  1. Ms. Bree Says:

    Such a sweetie you are, Gissie! *hugs, kisses and tickles* Your script was absolutely my most favorite to record…I MUST have some more!!! The world can’t be denied your fabulously frilly ideas! 😉

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