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Wow, I got 221 hits today! That seems to be a lot, considering what a silly little place my pretty pink pavilion is … gosh, who would have guessed?

One of the funniest parts about doing this is the page of “search engine terms” … it tells me the phrases people typed into a search engine to get here. As I mentioned before, some of you folks are looking for some pretty zany stuff!


For some astonishing reason, my pavilion is the fifth site on the internet if you google GIRL LEG BUTT SHOE WIGS PHOTO. Google is very silly. I mean, think of all the websites on the internet with photos of girls’ legs, butts, shoes, and wigs. Think of all those webmasters who have been around for years, tweaking their code trying to get a top hit on Google. I don’t have a single photo of a girl’s butt or wig or shoe, either. Google does try to be helpful, by asking Did you mean: GIRL LEG BUTT SHOE WINGS PHOTO?

I’m still trying to imagine people typing these things into Yahoo search:

touch up you lipstick
five inch heel pictures
little him dressed up
undressed girl blogs
his taffeta story
aunt ribbon bow bonnet sissy

By the way, did any of you know you can follow the stock market on the internet? And buy things … there’s this place called ebay … really, you gotta try using the internet for some useful stuff too, instead of sitting around googling “aunt ribbon bow bonnet sissy.” Wow, I’m number three of 761 sites for that search term … I wonder what that means?


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