Gender Transcender

Tiara Gurl

You can only be old as you feel
Your soul rules and the years surrender
Suddenly you wake up seven
Can it be the same with gender?

Don’t bend it, gurl, transcend it
Your body is a shell
Be honest to your inner soul
Or suffer like hell

You are the transcender
Forced to be free
Your girlchild must play in the midday sun.

2 Responses to “Gender Transcender”

  1. Mistress Taylor Belladonna Says:

    I had to let you know how much I enjoyed your delightful poem, Gissie. Especially after you left me a comment on my little slice of Shakespeare 😉

    Keep up the good work, sweetness…you not only manage to entertain the sissy masses, but educate them, as well.


    Ms. Taylor

  2. jem Says:

    Awwww Giselle! You never disappoint with your poems! Extra spanks for you!

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