Sissy Junction is Open for Business

Sissy Junction

After being offline for way too long, the Sissy Junction phone feminization website is back! A message forum and chatroom are soon to follow.

I’m very excited about this, because some of my favorite dommes will be working at Sissy Junction. Take a look yourself, you might see a few familiar faces, and hear a few familiar voices.


7 Responses to “Sissy Junction is Open for Business”

  1. phonemistress Says:

    Do know that you have an open invitation to visit us anytime, Giselle. A good stable of sissies is a must have for our happiness 😉
    We will be doing many new things and appreciate the support of our girls / clients. You are highly valued.

    Mistress Jane Vanderkellen

  2. Goddess Juliet Says:

    I have some very good friends at Sissy Junction, and to see the back up and running is such a treat!! Thank you, Giselle….My Sweet Sissy Icon…*smiles*

    Goddess Juliet

  3. little giselle Says:

    Thanks Mistress Jane, I wish you the best of success with Sissy Junction! (curtseys)

    Goddess Juliet … me, a sissy icon? (blushes) I will try to live up to that, Maam.

  4. lisa Says:

    m looking forward to you comming back

  5. little giselle Says:

    who me?

  6. jackie Says:

    #1-888-( this number edited by blog owner) is not right

  7. little giselle Says:

    Jackie, this post is over three years old, and Sissy Junction is long gone.

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