Sites I Recommend

Crinolyn's Gown Gallery

Crinolyn’s Gown Gallery … The most beautiful gowns you’ve ever seen …

Petticoat Pond

Petticoat Pond … crossdressers, celebrities, old prom photos … if you’re looking for photos of anyone flashing a petticoat, this is the site for you …

Unikaren Designs … Unikaren is a seamstress who sells beautiful poofy dresses! Don’t miss her adult sissy ruffled butt category …

Bloomers 4 U

Bloomers 4 U … custom-made undies for bloomer lovers …

8 Responses to “Sites I Recommend”

  1. little_miss_sunshine Says:

    I really like your choices giselle, and I would add my favorite -Ann Marie at her dresses are just lovely and she’s such a sweet, sweet doll of a person, i just know you’d love her . . . anyway sweetie, I hope this adds lots to your cute little blog.

  2. Aloush Leather Says:

    Hi there,

    You commented on our contest (great one BTW) and are eligable to receive a discount code for a free satin lined leather g-string or leather bandana.

    Please email me for the code


  3. little giselle Says:

    Oh gosh yes, Miss Sunshine, Annemarie makes wonderful little girl dresses. Thanks for mentioning her. Do you have any of her dresses in your wardrobe?

    Aloush Leather … wow kewl! Thanks! My first comment from Tunisia!

  4. Great site Says:

    This is a wonderful website, congratulations on setting it up so thoroughly.

  5. Laura Says:

    The tribute to Ms. Reese is beautiful.

  6. Stephanie Says:

    Congratulations on a beautiful website.

  7. Alvina Says:

    What a fantastic resource for all of us. Keep up the great work. This is the most amazing site I’ve found so far!

  8. morgan Says:

    nice website



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