Go Ask God

She asked me why
Why is my heart so pink
I’m not your standard guy
You should know that, I think.

Go ask God, He’s a little odd
He’s been around a long long time
He knows why a guy’s a guy’s a guy
And I’m the type of type that I’m.

She said, I wish
You were a more wholesome dish.
Men were born to run the race
Not frolic and flounce in curls and lace.

I told her, God made Adam, God made Eve
Then God got silly and He made me.
So go ask God, I’ll admit He’s odd,
He’s the One who wrote the plan
If He made it plain we’d be all the same
Just man man man man man man man.

A woman’s life, said she, is full of sorrow and pain
She needs her man to keep her smiling and sane
So buy me a house and I’ll write you a list of chores
And we’ll be stuck forever and more.

So I headed for the hills with a satchel full of frills

Singing go ask God, He’s a little odd
And He made a lot of nuts
But I ain’t one, I just have my fun
Skipping round in ruffle butts!

2 Responses to “Go Ask God”

  1. Goddess Juliet Says:

    That was just too precious, Sweet Gissie!!!
    You are quite the gifted wordsmith….*applause*

    Ms Juliet

  2. jem Says:

    Loved it giselle! HUGS!

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