While I was gone

Miss Tara has a lovely little post about the little girls. You definitely should be reading Tara’s Thoughts, her writing is fresh and deep and covers a very wide range of topics.

Mistress Morgan wrote a very erotic tale about a tennis game. Isn’t the loser supposed to jump over the net and shake the winner’s hand? Oh well, this is much sexier …

Devotees of Mistress Taylor had better not miss her birthday! Check her blog for a countdown clock, so you’ll know how many days you have left to give her a present.

Speakin of birthdays, my little friend jem has a little birthday gathering at the cockcontrol chatroom on Wednesday. I missed it ’cause of telephone troubles, but I hear that Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Morgan and Ms. Trish did not skimp on the birthday spanks! Happy birthday, jem and many happy returns!


2 Responses to “While I was gone”

  1. MistressTara Says:

    Thank you, little winged sprite! I have a feeling I’m picking up a lot more readers thanks to you talking about me in YOUR pretty pink blog. And I meant what I said about the little girls. I find the camp reports charming and very touching.

    Miss Tara

  2. little giselle Says:

    Miss Tara, you deserve readers — oceans of oceans of readers, because you have one of the best-written femdom blogs I know of. Mine is still just a little newborn baby blog, but if I can steer a few people your way, that is a good thing for everyone.

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