Shopping Spree! (part one)

In March, I won a contest for entering this photo in the Sissy School beauty pageant. It took a while, but finally my prize arrived:

amazon gift certificate

Mistress Juliet Rose was happy to help me pick out a few items. I’m lucky to have Ms Juliet in my life, she knows just what I need and she makes sure I get it.

honeydew assortedAren’t these cute? They are made by Honeydew Intimates. You can get them at HerRoom and Nordstrom as well as Amazon.


Ms Juliet especially wanted me to get the hot pink, so I made sure to get those … there were gingham ruffled boyshorts too, but those will have to wait for another spree …


It’s a good thing I checked the size charts on the Honeydew website – these are junior’s sizes, so a size L
honeydew leopard means something totally different from a size L in ladies sizes!


There was also a leopard print hot pink ruffled boyshort. Ms Juliet liked these so much she is going to buy a pair for herself too, and we can be twins!

honeydew white


I also picked of a pair in white — it just felt right to me —

By the way, Nordstrom will not accept payment with Amazon gift certificates, even if you buy them on Amazon’s website!

VS top


Then I found a really cute top from Victoria’s Secret. It was being sold by a retailer named Summit Fashions.


I think the same top is being sold at Victoria’s Secret for more than double what Summit Fashions was selling it for.


I showed this to Ms Juliet and she really loved it. I think she likes the idea of ruffled boobs to go with my ruffled butt.


They had it in several colors but Ms Juliet and I agreed that pink was best.


So that pretty much ended my fifty bucks at Amazon. Just for kicks, I did a search on ebay for honeydews, and what do you think I found?


I will tell you, but it will have to wait until tomorrow …


3 Responses to “Shopping Spree! (part one)”

  1. MistressTara Says:

    Hmmmm, I wonder if all those ruffles will cushion a certain pert little tushy from all the SPANKING I have planned for it….

  2. little giselle Says:

    Mistress Tara, I’m hoping all those ruffles will function like little wings, making your lil flutterby more aerodynamically maneuverable and stuff. Zip! Zing! Zwoop! Where did giselle go? giggle

  3. Jem Says:

    I don’t know, giselle, I have a feeling MsTara will catch you no matter how many ruffles you have. And remember, she spanks HARD! (still nursing a bruise) jem

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