This will be

This will be fascinating. People will like, read it and stuff. It’s going to have things in it, like, for example, things that happen to me, in the course of my life. Or perhaps, other things, like things I think of, or things that I think would be good to put here. So you’d better be ready for anything!

First I have to figure out how do you work this thing … but that shouldn’t be too hard. I think I can post a picture …

Minnie Me!

Hmm that appears to have worked … right? Good 🙂

Now to fix this place up a bit …


12 Responses to “This will be”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. gissie Says:

    How could I delete your comment, Mr WordPress? I just don’t have the heart. You were my first comment here on my blog. Don’t you realize, Mr WordPress, I simply could not do that?

  3. Jem Says:

    Hi Giselle! Congratulations on your blog! I’m trying to see if there are any Mistresses behind you peeking out of the flowers! Better be careful!

  4. krissi Says:

    My hovercraft is full of eels.

    Where are the gazelles? We have gathered all of our mighty hunting equipment and stand ready to forage for nourishment. We are hungry as horrible vicious squirrels continue to dwindle our numbers and pillage our reserves. And all of cg’s beer. Are the gazelles behind the shrubbery? You might want to move away from the line of fire then fair maiden.

    I cannot buy this record. It is scratched.

  5. Jem Says:

    And all along I thought this blog was about Giselles, now I see I was in error……. bad squirrels… bad BAD squirrels…..

  6. little giselle Says:

    krissi, welcome to America. Please report to the nearest Border Patrol agent immediately for your free gift – a dead parrot and a side order of spam egg sausage and spam.

  7. krissi Says:

    It’s not dead.

    Sometimes i can tell when they are watching me. i feel them, somewhere close, just out of sight. If i try hard enough i know that i will be able to hear them breathing. Assuming that they do breathe as we do. Yesterday i saw a sign of their growing numbers, just a little thing here and there..a pebble moved from its perfect position. A curtain slightly off from the vertical. They don’t know the way i have things is so that i can tell when they are here. Everything is just so. Lined up. Clean. They disturb these things, and i can tell that they were here. Others do not see the urgency of this vigilence, they find it disturbing to be locked inside a perfectly aligned space. They try to seduce me with the tales of the terrible chaos outside. They have no idea. They will always fail.
    And i will be here. Waiting. Watchful. Ready.

  8. Priss Says:


    Interesting site…am sort of trying to figure out the “theme.” About the mistresses watching…you and I both know they do….the other day MY mistress somehow managed to have everything I own taken away and replaced with an EXACT duplicate. I asked my housekeeper, Felicia, if she noticed anything “different”…she said, “Do I know you?” It was very scary!! Nonetheless, congrats on your new venture!!

  9. MistressTara Says:

    Hmmm, quite a paranoid little collection of pals you have, sweet little sprite. I wonder if you can practice any kind of evasive manuvers when you are wearing a festive party dress and not your WINGS! Just one of those random thoughts that make one go Hmmmm. ::evil grin:: such a pretty pink site, and a lovely picture. Well done, wee fairy.

  10. little giselle Says:

    Mistress Tara, the theme for the moment certainly seems to be paranoia. Except in my case of course… (flips through her Evasive Maneuver book, searching for info on festive party dress wearing) …

  11. Claire Says:


    This is exactly what I was searching for. Thank you. It’s amazing.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    You are so very sweet. Thank you for letting us peek. x

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